If we talk about the best places of Santorini, we think that, the first place where to find top spot for Instragram, is Oia.

It is one of the most famous villages in the world, stuck in time with its shining blue domes churches and traditional white houses that seem suspended in the void.

Oia has very small alleys, a breathtaking view, well-kept shops and a lot of good restaurants, all this makes it the ideal place to find the TOP INSTAGRAMMABLE PLACES OF SANTORINI.

But now let’s find out which are the perfect places for unforgettable photos.

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places of Santorini


If you write Santorini on social networks, the most common results are photos on rooftops of houses framed by blue domes churches.

There are lots of perfect rooftops, but not all of them are easily accessible.

In fact the most famous one is located beyond a private road, so our advice is to ask permission to take pictures, because if a local person surprises you you you may incur heavy fines (and it is not the maximum to anger the Greeks).

It is easy to find because outside the gate you will find the queue of people who want to take pictures in the most unstable place in Santorini.


Another corner of Oia that you have surely seen so many times is the one where the predominant color is orange!

This is definitely our favorite, because it is easy to find and accessible to anyone, as it is a small road that is located right next to the vantage point of Oia.

To take pictures here arm yourself with patience, because to get the perfect shot you’ll have to wait for no one to pass by (and every nanny takes a while)

This place is absolutely part of the TOP INSTAGRAMMABLE PLACES OF SANTORINI.

places of Santorini


The most magical and unique place is certainly the viewpoint over Oia.

It offers a panoramic view of the village that is magnificent even during the day but from sunset until the evening shows an almost magical atmosphere of Santorini, which is why it enters the TOP INSTAGRAMMABLE PLACES OF SANTORINI.

The best point is in the lower terrace. Very easy to find: just follow the people.

Our advice is to reach what for you may be the perfect point, 10 or 20 minutes before sunset, in order to get the best view of Oia. Bring a scarf with you, or if you go in low season a vest, because there is a lot of wind.


-Bus from Fira

There are runs every half hour between Oia and Fira. Buses run from 7 a. m. to midnight plus some night-time connections.

In low season there is a connection every hour and the last race starts at 20. 30.

If you have the hotel on the street, notify the driver as you climb up and he will drop you off in front of your hotel. The cost of the ticket is 1. 80 per person.

-Scooters and cars

Taking a rental car or scooter is an excellent solution that allows you to appreciate the landscape without getting tired.

However, it should be remembered that the road on the ridge coming from Fira is full of bends and in August dangerous gusts of wind blow.

The low road is longer, but safer.

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