Marrakech, a city now known throughout the world.

It can be called the diamond of Morocco.

A city that manages to encompass history and culture but also modernity and change.

Marrakech can be reached from Europe very easily with many low-cost flights.

It takes just 3-4 days in order to immerse yourself in the culture of the place and enjoy every nuance of it.

For this reason we have chosen to write about Marrakech: the ultimate guide, if you have in mind, in addition to this magnificent city, a unique experience in the desert then BEST GLAMPING IN MOROCCO will interest you.

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marrakech the ultimate guide



Going to Jemaa el Fna square seems quite obvious, but it is really the center of the city and you must absolutely start from here to understand the soul of Marrakech.

By day it is the starting point to go to the souks (bazaar) .

At sunset it is mandatory to go and have a mint tea on one of the terraces of the cafes around the square.

Like Le Salama Marrakech ( one of the most famouse on Instagram) It was impossible to not put it into MARRAKECH THE ULTIMATE GUIDE.

marrakech the ultimate guide

The appearance of the square changes during the day.

In the morning and afternoon is home to a large open-air market.


After staying in the noisy Jemaa el Fna square.

We recommend you to take refuge in the Bahia Palace, a true oasis of peace, another spot inside our Marrakech the ultimate guide.

It is a masterpiece of traditional Moroccan architecture in Marrakech.

The palace is divided into buildings built according to a scheme that seems almost disorderly. It is organized around several courtyards and gardens.

It includes 150 richly decorated rooms.

So we couldn’t help but add this spot in Marrakech: the ultimate guide.

marrakech the ultimate guide


And here we are, talking about one of the most social places in Marrakech.

If you want to escape from the confusion of Marrakech, don’t miss the Majorelle Gardens, named after the French painter Jacques Majorelle.

The artist created the blue colour Majorelle, a blue with which he painted the walls of his villa.

Also, the designer Yves Saint Laurent and his friend Pierre BergΓ© discovered the garden in 1966.

They were so enchanted by the structure, that they immediately bought it.

The new owners decided to renamed Villa Oasis.

One of the most beautiful locations to take incredible photos, but try to go in less or crowded hours, towards the closing or immediately to the opening (of course it also depends on the season in which you go).

marrakech the ultimate guide


In Marrakech: the ultimate guide, we decided to include this experience as well, which is a must.

Entering a hammam.

There are lots in the city, many of which are frequented by Moroccans themselves.

Each riad has its own internal hamman and are more organized to accommodate tourists.


The riad is also the best type of accommodation recommended in Marrakech.

There are many, more Spartan and Moroccan, but also enriched with a luxury design.

We can recommend two in particular:

RIAD TAWARGIT, with magnificent details and close to Jemaa el Fna square.

RIAD DAR MORE, small, but with a modern design that echoes the classic Moroccan traits, this is located near the Bahia Palace.

marrakech the ultimate guide

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