jetwing blue negombo


jetwing blue negombo


Location: Negombo

Rooms: Deluxe Room, Super Deluxe Room, Family Room

Suite, Room Dependance, Rooms for the Disabled

Service: Very kind services and very attentive to every detail, from the moment you arrive

Style: eco-luxury hotel, with a modern design and studied down to the last detail

Facilities: Main swimming pool, The kitchen, Centre Point Grilla & Bar, Sushi Bar, The float, The bouncer, Signature Dining


jetwing blue negombo
jetwing blue negombo
jetwing blue negombo
jetwing blue negombo
jetwing blue negombo
jetwing blue negombo

The Jetwing Blue Negombo is a unique hotel. Located along the beach of Negombo, in addition to relax offers the opportunity of nightlife just out of the structure, as it is located in a central area where you can find many bars and shops, perfect for a walk after dinner.

This hotel is perfect as a first stop as it is only 30 minutes from Colombo.

The hotel has different types of rooms and suites.
We stayed in the Suite, a dream room, with a unique design and a magnificent view of the sea that has given us unforgettable sunsets. Once we got in, we never wanted to get out.

In addition to a magnificent design inside the room, on the outdoor terrace we had a magnificent area where we could relax comfortably and also a jacuzzi.

The predominant colour of the suite as well as of the whole hotel is the brown of the wood combined with the blue colour with some orange details.


Jetwing Blue Negombo has several restaurants and bars, including also impeccable room service.

The main restaurant is The Kitchen, a buffet offers a wide variety of food for every course, it will be difficult to choose.

For the sunset we recommend drinking a delicious cocktail at The Outrigger enjoying the magnificent colors change little by little.

If one morning you prefer a sweeter awakening directly in your room the room service will not disappoint you.

jetwing blue negombo
jetwing blue negombo


The main swimming pool overlooking the beach is ideal for cooling off in the heat of Negombo.

We relax in the shade of palm trees and you have to choose between a swimming pool or a nice swim in the waves in the sea.

jetwing blue negombo
jetwing blue negombo
jetwing blue negombo


In 2010, Jetwing Blue Negombo became the first of Jetwing Hotels to install a 20kw off-grid, roof-mounted solar array. Today, the solar photovoltaic system provides electricity to power the lights in every room.

Jetwing Blue Negombo established the first effluent treatment. 100% of the wastewater from hotel operations is treated onsite, and later used for garden irrigation, while the sludge produced is added to our biogas digester.

And Jetwing Blue Negombo features the first bottling plant. With a manually operated bottling process, the unit is housed in a repurposed container.

In our opinion, Jetwing Blue Negombo is the best eco-luxury hotel in Negombo, perfect for any type of

holiday whether you are looking for a family or a romantic one. The staff will never miss anything and will pamper you to make your stay unique and unforgettable.


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