Hi !

We are Donato Solimena and Giulia De Jesus a couple a bit ‘crazy that 2 years ago decided to leave everything to start following their dreams, for traveling thanks to Instagram.

Donato has worked for years in the world of tourism and speaks 4 languages, he deals with public relations during each trip.

Giulia has worked in the world of tourism, she is a professional photographer. She takes care of the whole post production side (she’s a bit like the nerd of the pair).

Together we are like the Ying and the Yang, we complete ourselves and this allows us to face every difficulty together.

We love to travel because we like to meet new people, and discover different cultures, but above all we love to share our trips with our community through photos and videos.



It's been amazing to finally working with one of the influential people, like them. Everything was running smooth and perfect, thery are amazing! We got our jaw-dropping when we saw all the images from them, all are amazeball! I would be more than glad to work with them again in the next future, snce they are not only delivering a great content but also they have such a lovely personality. Kudos to you guys!
Bali suites & villas
We collaborated with DG Travel in October 2017. They captured beautiful photos of our resort and deliver their work on time. We recommened DG Travel for Social Media collaborations as they are pleasant and professional to work with.