Bali has become a popular destination and there is a good reason why it has become one. For this reason we have decided to create this article about AWESOME BEACHES IN BALI

It is located in Indonesia where the majority of the population is Hindu.

You will feel the local culture during every moment of your trip: in every streets and roads you take, among tiny temples hidden in backyards or in sudden religion celebrations taking place in corners you casually got into.

The music: let’s do not forget about the music.

Every hour of the day you will happen to hear very entertaining melodies that will surely positively affect your staying.

It’s a gorgeous island with tropical beaches, which are perfect for both a relax and an energetic vacation: you can spend all day lying on the beach sipping a really good cocktail, or you can go surfing on huge waves like the ones you see in the movies.

The locals are very friendly and the city is cheap, so it’s very easy to find something to do in Bali.

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We’ve made this ranking of the must-see beaches in Bali to help you make your trip unforgettable.



It is absolutely our favorite beach in Bali.

It’s a bright beach of white sand with a calm and crystal clear sea, fitting for someone who wants to have a restful time.

A really convenient asset not to be underestimated of Nusa Dua, is that this beach is easily reachable. In fact the majority of the must-see beaches of Bali may be challenging to reach.

When you are in Nusa Dua, you will find yourself in the south of the island.

Thanks for its landscapes framed by vivid flora and breathtaking sunsets and dawns, it is the number one destination for honeymoons.

Indeed, there are multiple luxury hotels and resorts.

It’s the perfect choice for families or groups of friends which are looking for a smooth but entertaining holiday.

Hotels in the area:


If you love resorts with thrilling views and a quick access to the beach, then this is for you.

We fell in love with it right from the start.

You can relax in your own infinity pool admiring the sunset, you can enjoy a tropical cocktail in the main terraced swimming pool or you can even schedule a trip and go canoeing. These are just some of the things you could do in this resort.

You will be amazed by the white beach and by the sea that contains all the shades of blue.

If you want to focus your holiday on RELAX, Samabe is the perfect hotel.



If you are planning a family trip, the Grand Hyatt is optimal.

Besides a white sandy beach and a crystal clear sea, and several swimming pools to choose from, there are a variety of restaurants offering specialties from all over the world.

We couldn’t help but trying the Italian restaurant, which left us speechless!

You parents can reach the beach, lay down and have the best relax in a long time, sipping a tropical cocktail and enjoying a Balinese massage, while your kids will be busy all day with the various activities organized by the staff.




Another places not to be missed in Bali are the beaches of Canggu: perfect if your intent in an entertaining vacation.

After a short trip from the airport, you will find yourself in a very fashionable area characterized by bars and restaurants on the beach that offer healthy food and cocktails accompanied by live reggae music.

Here you can go surfing and experience for the first time the waves of the Indian ocean.

You can easily find many surf schools where you can book a lesson and rent boards.

From this beach you can watch unique and unforgettable sunsets. Like this.



Hotels in the area


A museum hotel, one of the oldest in Bali.

If you want to get to know the culture of Bali as well as relax with traditional massages, this hotel is for you.

The history of the hotel is really compelling and fascinating that you can feel it through every detail and in every corner of the resort.

A really quick access to the beach, it’s the ideal for those who wants to enjoy the beaches of Bali.

Small tips: absolutely try the BOWLS for breakfast, they are very popular but also healthy and delicious!

Beach Bar


You may have heard of it or have seen it on Instagram. It is the coolest bar to drink a cocktail and dine in.

During our stay in Canggu, we spent there almost every night: we would lie down under shiny and colorful little lights hung on the trees, listening and watching different live concerts and shows.

For those who wants to experience this spot during the day, there is a swimming pool near the beach and several puffs and mattresses where you can relax and enjoy.

Here you’ll surely feel the tropical vibe you see in the movies.




It is certainly one of the most popular beaches in Bali, in fact it is mentioned in every tourist guide.

Ideal beach for both surfers and people who just wants to get the perfect tan, there are private areas and free areas.

Surrounded by the coolest beach clubs, bars and restaurants of all kinds.

Our advice is to wait for the afternoon and stop by for an aperitif at sunset in one of the many bars on the beach.

Seminyak is also an area full of very trendy shops. So do not miss out a stroll through the streets.

Nothing is flawless, though: arm yourself with patience because traffic is lit!



Beach bar


is the most famous of Semyniak! Super popular and stylish, but also suitable for families.

You can relax by the pool or go diving.

Most important thing: plenty of parties with international dj set are organized.

So don’t miss this unique experience.


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