hacked your instagram account


Hi, guys. We know we’ve been away for a while.

Unfortunately on 20 August 2019 we were hacked into our Instagram account ( @_dgtravel_).

These last few days have been a real hell! It was by far the ugliest experience of our lives because we felt powerless and frustrated.

Now let’s take a step back and start from the beginning, in this article we want to tell you about all the stages we have experienced and give you directions on how to proceed when it should happen to you.

For this reason we decided to write WHAT TO DO IF THEY HACKED YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT.

Save the article for later.

hacked your instagram account



On August 20, 2019, we were in Alassio (Italy), we received an email from instagram informing us that someone had logged into our account from Savona.

Immediately afterwards we received another email from Instagram informing us that our account credentials had been changed.

hacked your instagram account
hacked your instagram account

Immediately the hacker sent us an email informing us that he had stolen the account and that if we wanted to get it back we had to pay 675 € in BitCoin, we had 2 hours to pay.

In this one we were in total panic, imagine to see before your eyes 4 years of work that go up in smoke in 5 seconds!

These are the emails the hacker used to contact us with:

[email protected] com

[email protected] com

[email protected] Com

hacked your instagram account
hacked your instagram account
hacked your instagram account

We later found out how they hacked our account.

If you should receive an email like these you MUST NOT OPEN THE LINKS, we are usually very careful but unfortunately we were surprised at a time when we were hearing several brands for an important project and we fell like two fools.

hacked your instagram account



After passing the phase of total panic, we inquired about the procedures to be followed.

Since our instagram page was linked to a facebook page and consequently to the Business Manager, the first thing we did was to contact Facebook support for information.

A lot of people managed to get their account back through this support, so we thought we could get it back quickly and easily. . . . We were wrong.

That’s where the real hell started, and it seemed like it never ends.

We contacted some friends experienced in the recovery of hacked accounts, who started to study our situation.

Unlike the usual cases of hacking where the username and credentials are changed, in our case the hacker has also deactivated the account and then it was impossible for them to help us.

hacked your instagram account
hacked your instagram account

After filling out the form you will think that it is now done and that in a short time you will get back your account, it will not be like that.

Our advice is to send at least 2-3 requests until you receive at least one reply email with a code and instructions

Once you send the email with the photo attached ONLY without additional text, Instagram may respond in two different ways or not respond at all, in this case send back another 2 requests for assistance.


hacked your instagram account

Try to answer in a concise and schematic way, giving detailed information. Our advice is to make a bullet point list.

After sending this email you may receive this reply, we have received it twice, but do not be discouraged.


hacked your instagram account

Repeat the procedure for requesting assistance again until after sending the code you receive the second answer you see below.


hacked your instagram account

If you receive this email immediately you are VERY LUCKY because it means that if you can now get your account back by following these instructions


Immediately after regaining our account we immediately followed some security procedures related to our instagram account and the emails linked to it.


– Go to Settings

– Press on security

– Activate two-factor authentication

– Activate both modes: via phone and via App

hacked your instagram account
hacked your instagram account
hacked your instagram account
hacked your instagram account


– To the email where you received the hacker messages changed password

– If you have Gmail, set up two-factor authentication there as well

– On the new email to link to your Instagram account do the same thing

The new email should only be used for the Instagram account you don’t have to use it to receive emails etc.

hacked your instagram account
hacked your instagram account
hacked your instagram account

To be more sure in the future, if a brand will send you a message like this, hover over the mouse WITHOUT CLICK IT and look at the real site linked to that link, because it may take you to some corrupt page.

If you can’t get your account back on your own we leave you the contacts of the two guys who have helped us most in this matter and who are experts in recovering the accounts:


JUAN DIEGO J PALAEZ here you find his Instagram: @juan325 where you can contact him by following the link in the bio.

ALESSIO MATTARESE here you find his Instagram @alessiomattarese


We really hope with all our heart that this article will help other people in the future to solve this problem in a shorter time than we do.

We think it is unacceptable that there is no real Instagram care and that you cannot talk to a real person.

For those who work on this social network do not feel protected, for this reason we hope that Instagram will bring changes and implement the support service.


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