cavo tagoo mykonos


Location : Mykonos Town

Rooms : Classic Room, Classic Room with pool, Premium Room

Junior Suite with outdoor jacuzzi, Junior suite with pool, Junior suite with indoor, Jacuzzi, Honeymoon suite with pool, Cave pool suite

Golden Villa with pool, Diamond villa with pool

Services: very kind and very attentive to every detail, from the moment you arrive

Style: luxury hotel, with a modern and well thought out design

Facilities: the big infinity pool with hot water( perfect in October), OVAC restaurant and bar, Spa

Cost: junior suite with outdoor pool from 765€/night including breakfast, in low season (October)


cavo tagoo mykonos
cavo tagoo mykonos
cavo tagoo mykonos
cavo tagoo mykonos
cavo tagoo mykonos

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos is by far the most famous hotel on the island, also thanks to Instagram.

It’s easily reachable from both the port and the airport, which are only a few kilometres away.

The centrepiece of this luxury hotel is, definitely, the infinity pool framed by the OVAC restaurant (central restaurant) and a bar, which tempts you with its great design and ornaments.

The predominant colour of the hotel, and of all rooms is, white, minimal but with attention to detail.

As soon as we got here, we took a relaxing break from the travel, and we had a really good aperitif.

We enjoyed that moment, lying on some mattresses, while the sun was setting.

We framed this instant in our minds and also in photos: the colours of the sunset created an unforgettable atmosphere and a cosy vibe.

For those who want to come for dinner or want to enjoy a nice aperitif in the most famous hotel in Mykonos you can access the restaurant and the pool even if you are not residents of the structure.

cavo tagoo mykonos
cavo tagoo mykonos

The Cavo Tagoo Mykonos has different types of rooms, suites and villas.

We spent our trip in the Suite with pool, a dreamy room, with a unique design and a magnificent view

Once we got in, we never wanted to leave anymore.

In addition to the outdoor pool, the sun beds and a comfortable setting.

We also had inside a jacuzzi, perfect for relaxing in the evening before going to sleep.

The private pool is not heated, but the central infinity pool it is, which allows you to take a dip at sunset even in October.

cavo tagoo mykonos

In the evening, the room changes completely.

The soft lights create a pleasant and enjoyable environment, while the outdoor pool lights up in a bright blue and, also, in the distance you can see the cruise ships illuminated passing by.

In our opinion, Cavo Tagoo Mykonos is the best luxury hotel on the island.

Perfect for any type of holiday you are looking for: partying, family or romantic.

The staff will never miss anything and will pamper you to make your stay unique and unforgettable.

cavo tagoo mykonos

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